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Toilet Installation

Replacing a toilet is not going to be one of the highlights of your week, nor will it be the most exciting purchase you will ever make for your home. However, choosing a new toilet is an opportunity to really upgrade a bathroom with a modern design and tie in a new look for the space. Whether choosing a toilet from our inventory, or custom ordering something more specific, D. Martel Plumbing will ensure proper installation from start to finish. We also haul away your old toilets at no additional cost.

Toilet Repair

Many homeowners are sure they can install a toilet themselves, but the simple fact is that installing toilets can be a time-consuming and difficult process, especially when replacing a significantly old or outdated toilet that may require a good amount of plumbing work before a replacement can be properly installed.
Toilets are by far the most-used part of any bathroom, but they’re often the most overlooked — until they begin to clog, or they stop flushing properly, or they start running constantly. The simple fact is that most consumers completely forget about their toilet until it causes them problems. This is where D. Martel Plumbing comes in quite handy: we’re well acquainted with everything that can possibly go wrong in a bathroom, and know the best way to fix it.

Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet can be embarrassing, especially when you have guests. That’s where your business is our business… There are many factors that determine the location and extent of a stopped up toilet. From the type or amount of bath tissue used, how the drain lines are run, size and shape of the toy your child flushed – we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s a simple fix that requires nothing but a plunger, or a little more extensive requiring a toilet snake/auger or removal of the toilet itself, our technicians have the tools and the experience to get your bathroom back in running order.
Frequently having to use a plunger? This could be a sign of a larger issue with your toilet or the size/angle of the connecting drain lines. Call today to schedule an inspection with one of our trained technicians.

Constantly Running Toilets

The average leaky toilet wastes somewhere around 200 gallons of water PER DAY!

In an economy where utility costs are rising faster than inflation, saving that much water is a great way to lower your utility bill and help do your part to conserve California’s water. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure that could end up saving you thousands of dollars. If you hear or suspect that your toilet is constantly running, give us a call. Our technicians will be able to test for leaks and offer options to remedy the issue, from swapping out a bad flapper or fill valve, to replacing or upgrading your toilet with a newer low-flow model.

Sewer Smell

Sometimes you will experience an odor coming from your toilet that is not your own. This “rotten egg” smell can be an indicator of a dry trap or a failed wax ring that allows the smell to escape from the connecting drain lines below. In many cases the smell will clear up with an additional flush of the toilet. In other cases, you will want to call a professional to inspect the toilet to eliminate the cause of the odor.

Setting, Balancing and Sealing

Whether you have a new toilet that needs to be installed, an old toilet that you would like to replace, or you just have some minor issues that need to be addressed, give D. Martel Plumbing a call. We carry replacement parts for most toilet models in our trucks, ensuring a timely fix without the need to drive back and forth to the local hardware store. From setting and securing a toilet, balancing out a wobbly one, replacing a wax seal or replacing a ballcock, fill valve, flapper or angle stop. Whatever it may be, no job is too big, too small, or too embarrassing.