Plumbing Installation Services

kitchen faucet installation
toilet installation
garbage disposal installation
gas appliance installation
tub faucet installation
shower head installation
water heater installation

Garbage Disposal Installation
Toilet Installation
Water Heaters
Recirculating Pumps
Tankless Water Heaters
Pressure Regulators
Shower Heads
Tub Faucets
Gas Appliances
Water Filtration Systems
And More!

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Why Hire A Pro?

The age old question, do it yourself or hire a pro? In some cases, installing or replacing a faucet or other fixture requires some household tools and an accompanying step-by-step guide. Little plumbing knowledge or finesse is required, and there is little margin of error. But there are those other cases, where a 5 minute install turns into multiple trips to the hardware store and a headache from frantically Googling the issue in front of you. Parts missing, parts not fitting, nothing is working...

D. Martel Plumbing is a fully licensed and insured plumbing contractor. Our plumbing technicians are professionally trained to install a wide range of plumbing items, from kitchen faucets and garbage disposal installation, to water heaters and much more. Our trucks are fully stocked with repair and installation parts, to ensure a timely installation without the need to drive back and forth for parts.

Licensed Plumbing Installation

With D. Martel Plumbing, you can be sure that your toilet installation, faucet installation or whatever plumbing installation project you're working on, will be completed to exact specifications and building code by a licensed plumbing technician. Because of our great reputation in the community and high level of workmanship, we ensure that your installation will be done correctly, the FIRST time.