Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

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Some of the most common and annoying problems a plumber has to deal with relate to the garbage disposal. These handy appliances are great when they work properly, but as anyone who has ever owned one knows, they have several common problems. It is possible to guess the cause from the symptoms the disposal is showing.

For instance, sometimes the owner will try to turn their garbage disposal on and there will be no result at all, not even a hum. When this happens, it is probably an garbage disposal electrical problem. For some reason, power is not getting to the garbage disposal mechanism. Of course, the most obvious step is to make sure the unit is plugged in. If that no-brainer is unsuccessful, you’re probably looking at a wiring problem that will require the attention of a professional.

Sometimes the unit will make a humming noise but the blades will not move. When this happens, the power is getting through but something is restricting the blades. Sometimes the obstruction can be seen, and the temptation is to reach in and try to extract it. However, those blades are really sharp, and even if the power is turned off, you can still get a nasty cut. It’s better to leave it to a professional who has more experience with these issues.

In severe cases, compacted food matter can get clogged in pipes and stop the flow. When this happens, the fix will certainly require the services of a professional plumber.

Sometimes you can hear the sink grinder spinning, but it does not seem to be grinding. When this happens, the problem may be broken blades. Luckily blade replacement is a simple matter for an experienced professional.

Standing Water, Leaks and Odors

Some disposal units develop standing water, which indicates a clog in the drain line. At this point, the problem goes beyond a disposal issue and involves the pipes. Your professional service person can advise you on the proper steps to be taken.

Leaks can develop in the line or the connections going to the disposal unit. When this happens, a plumber can find the leak and fix it, possibly preventing damage to the flooring.

Whatever the problem, your plumbing technician will know how to fix it. With something this important, you only want to deal with time-tested quality, and this is one company that has it. If any of these symptoms sounds familiar, the answer is to call D. Martel Plumbing.